About me

Teo Skaffa is not big in Japan.

He's also not big in the Netherlands where he hails from. However, this makes for very little suffering, since the happily habitual user of all things forbidden by law (in most countries anyway) consistently chooses to pick the fruits of life, rather than dwell on the sufferings. He limits his concern to cats (which he has a borderline creepy fascination with) and 8 and 16-bit era video games of yesteryear. Due to (or in spite of) all this, Teo Skaffa is deeply moved by his life's encounters every day.

As a result, (and also because it's the only thing he's good at) he paints all of the situations he finds himself in as pieces of drama, mystery or blunt ruggedness. While one piece may has a set of cryptic meanings, the other can revolve around a simple dark element. Whichever way depicted, there is always a central creature based on someone he has met (or wished he had never met).

If anything, they are like pets to any lonesome persons groggy existence.

Teo Skaffa also enjoys writing biographies in the third person.

Nyan-Skaffachu meets Arts A visual and auditory remix of a classic

By accident, a legend was created. The legend of Nyan-Skaffachu. A group of happy creative people joined forces in making Teo Skaffa look good. On the visual side we have the crazy internet wizards over at Blocklevel, on the auditory side we have the
awesomely talented Arts The Beatdoctor.